Continuing to Demand Excellence with Public Safety

As a candidate for State Senate, public safety is a priority that I plan to address and have addressed as Mayor of Revere. I have improved public safety in Revere, and plan to continue to do so as State Senator. 

Public safety should be a top priority for any elected official in Massachusetts, it is our duty to ensure that our schools, our neighborhoods and our parks are a safe space for everyone. While the crime rate in Massachusetts has generally been declining in recent years we still have a lot of work to do. During my time as mayor of Revere I continually emphasized the importance of improving public safety. We decreased crime rates in Revere by 23.9% during my time as mayor through increasing the police force, providing walking patrols and creating a new substation in the downtown area.  Public safety however, is not just about crime rates. During last winter when we had record snowfall, I created a program called Snow Angels which was made up of 100 ROTC high schoolers who ensured that senior and disabled citizens were shoveled out all winter. Being able to respond quickly to a public safety concern, such as a huge amount of snowfall, is crucial as an elected official. I hope to implement some of the public safety successes in Revere to the greater Massachusetts area as Senator of the First Suffolk and Middlesex District.