Continuing to Fight for Equal Pay for Equal Work

Massachusetts has always been a leader in equal pay for equal work. As citizens of the commonwealth we should all be doing our part in ensuring it stays that way.  Equal pay is not just a Massachusetts issue, it is a nationwide issue and we must lead by example.  Through my time on the City Council and as Mayor of Revere, we were able to work on many infrastructure and business projects where we had the opportunity to hire both public and private contractors. Every private public partnership was a successful one enabling us to get things done while ensuring equitable treatment of workers, which of course includes equal pay for women. In January the Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously to pass, S.983 An Act to Establish Pay Equity, but the battle does not end here. There are still many issues to tackle, such as pay disparities amongst African-American and Latina women, who still earn 66 and 54 cents to every dollar a white man makes. These are unacceptable statistics that need to change; it is staggering that in the 21st century the disparity in pay remains. As State Senator, I will make equal pay for women of all backgrounds a strong priority.