Fiscal Management

We can not move forward with success without sound fiscal management. My administration's Performance Based Budgeting challenged department heads to set goals, celebrate accomplishments, and create measures for success. Performance Based Budgeting is in keeping with my desire and commitment to provide the best and most cost effective delivery of city services to Revere residents.

FY15 Accomplishments

Met all reporting requirements, including:

  • Compiled the financial statements of the City for the review by its independent audit firm.

  • Compiled and filed the Consolidated Free Cash Balance Sheet and checklist for review by the Massachusetts Division of Local Services (DLS).

  • Compiled and filed the Annual Schedule A and other reports required by DLS.

  • Collaborated with the certification and setting of the annual tax rate set by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR).

  • Compiled utility energy data, created annual summary reports to be included in submission to the Department of Energy Resources, which has resulted in thousands of grant proceeds in the past and ensures inclusion of future awards of grants proceeds when available.

  • Developed and created multiple new financial reporting schedules, charts, and statistical data, which resulted in the City of Revere’s first GFOA Budget certification. Continued collaboration with members of Budget Committee to continue with the redesign and enhancement of the budget process, by creating standardized procedures and calendars, developing departmental trainings, and designing enhanced reports to better communicate the City’s financial activities and goals.

  • Continued to compile financial data for and participate in monthly RevStat meetings with various departments to develop management tools and provide information to enhance departmental performance.

  • Continued with the implementation of a multi-phased open checkbook web-page reporting tool.

  • After initiating a review of procedures, attended workshop with school department and collaborated in the development of enhanced policies and procedures for Student Activity funds.

  • Developed new reporting work sheets for DPW which enhanced reporting of payroll costs incurred as a result of various water and sewer projects.

  • Initiated the development of a multi department process to facilitate the timely and proper accounting of multiple building projects occurring simultaneously with in the city including new school building projects, water and sewer infrastructure improvements, and other municipal capital projects.

  • Compiled data and created summary schedules of the damage and costs incurred during July 2014 Tornado and snow storms throughout municipal properties. Collaborated with various departments and the insurance adjuster to ensure timely reporting, accuracy to ensure cost recovery from insurance providers and when applicable, other federal and state agencies.

  • Implement Revere’s first ever performance management system throughout City Government through routine "RevStat" meetings to help hold government accountable to our residents.

  • Received the city’s first ever Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association of America (GFOA) as well as achieving the city’s highest ever bond rating of AA- allowing the city to borrow funds at all time lowest rates.