Honoring Our Veterans

As someone who had the honor to serve the US Navy for 7 years, the issues surrounding Veteran care hold a very important place for me. It is essential to provide our veterans with the necessary treatment and opportunities to thrive in our society. After four years as mayor of my hometown of Revere, I look forward to utilizing my distinct ability to fight for veterans on a larger stage. I am uniquely qualified to lead the fight for reintegration and parity for veterans in our communities on a statewide level.

Our Commonwealth has come to be a national leader on Veteran care. From providing necessary financial and medical services for over 165 veterans and their families in Revere to ending chronic veteran homelessness in the city of Boston, it is clear that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts cares about its veterans. However, the work is not over. The job won’t be finished until every veteran returning home has a stable home, adequate pay, and a reliable job. This is a daunting task, but one we owe to the men and women who leave their families to protect us overseas.