Improving the Quality of Education

Massachusetts has the best school system in America. As State Senator, I will work hard to improve the quality of education in our public schools. 

There is no cause more important and fundamental than making sure that the youth in our community are able to enjoy reliable, exemplary education. The Greater Boston area is home to some of the greatest colleges and universities in the world. It is the hub of medicine, technology and innovation. However, we cannot be complacent. We must continue to work hard in order to stay ahead of the curve. During my term as mayor of Revere, Revere High School was named the Best 2014 Urban School in the United States by National Center for Urban School Transformation. In the same year we were also able to make great improvement on important educational spaces with grant money from the Secretary of Environmental affairs.

In order for our children to succeed we need to provide them with the appropriate resources. Every student must have access to up to date learning materials as well as adequate access to educators to ensure that they have equal opportunities to learn. The Greater Boston area, and Massachusetts as a whole, must provide our children the education that they need in order to become successful members of the workforce. As the work atmosphere involves, education must evolve as well. The curriculum in our public schools must represent the growing needs in our workforce. Our students must benefit from education in STEM fields as well as liberal arts fields in order to be prepared for their future endeavors in life whether they pursue higher education, enter the workforce,  join the military or pursue any other goal. Due to my past experience as a mayor and city councilor, I am prepared to bring the necessary skills to the State House in order to ensure that the students of the First Suffolk and Middlesex district continue to benefit from the advanced educations that they deserve.