Dan's Leadership

dan_rizzo_shot1.jpgWhen he was elected the Mayor of the City of Revere in 2011, Dan Rizzo’s chief priority has been clear: ‘Putting Revere on the Map'.   Dan has a firsthand understanding of the talent, identity, and potential that lies within our community and knows that Revere’s best days are ahead.

Upon assuming office, Dan launched an aggressive citywide economic development plan to stimulate the local economy, create jobs and improve the quality of life of all Revere residents. His multifaceted plan focuses on revitalizing Revere’s central business district, increasing opportunities for employment, building new schools, providing safe housing for families and seniors, and improving public open space like the city's greatest natural resource, Revere Beach.

Dan’s economic development plan launched with the ambitious rehabilitation project of Broadway, the commercial heart of the city. The project is transforming Broadway into a more inviting and walkable business district that will draw more people to the city center and boost the local economy.

Dan understands that a critical component of Revere’s ability to succeed is sound fiscal management in City Hall. His administration's Performance Based Budgeting has challenged department heads to set goals, celebrate accomplishments, and create measures for success. Throughout his tenure in City Hall, Dan has remained committed to delivering the highest quality and most cost effective city services to Revere residents.

The City of Revere has one of the best school systems in Greater Boston. Dan is committed to giving students and educators the resources they need to achieve the success that parents have come to expect.

Since his days as a Revere City Councillor, Dan has always been a strong advocate for Revere's Fire and Police Departments. Under his leadership, Revere's Fire Department has implemented new data tracking measures to improve response times, analyze trends, and track fire statistics more reliably. Dan opened a new neighborhood police substation across from City Hall to improve community policing in the city. By proactively bringing members of the police department into all of Revere’s neighborhoods, Dan and Police Chief Joe Cafarelli are ensuring that public safety comes first.

Dan has put a lot of time and effort into fostering community spirit and instilling pride in our city and its neighborhoods. Through partnerships with stakeholders across Revere like the Chamber of Commerce, youth sports groups and business leaders, Dan’s rebranding of Revere as a city on the rise has resulted in an explosion of Revere Pride. This has led to a cleaner and more vibrant Revere Beach, improved public open spaces, a thriving business district and competitive sports programs for youth and families.

As United States Navy Veteran and a member of VFW Post 6712 and the American Legion Post 0061, Dan is a tireless advocate for Revere's veterans' community. Dan knows the importance of providing resources to both senior veterans and those just returning home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.