Moving Forward: The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is the first priority for any elected official in New England right now. Particularly in First Suffolk and Middlesex District, the opioid crisis has reached epidemic proportions and must be addressed immediately. This issue would be one of my top priorities if elected to State Senate.

Drug Addiction is a problem that the entire nation faces, but in particular the New England area is experiencing an opioid crisis of epidemic proportions. This is a serious situation that not only affects the users themselves in terms of risking overdoses and fatalities, but the families of these victims as well.

As Mayor of Revere, I raised awareness of this issue in hopes of change - and that is exactly what we saw. Revere has lead the way in changing the way we deal with drug addictions. Firefighters and substance abuse counselors have taken on the responsibility to visit the homes of past victims of overdoses to discuss and share information on drug abuse and recovery options in the hopes of convincing the people using drugs to get on the road to recovery and eventually choose not to turn to drugs. This is just one front of the war on drugs because to stop drug addiction there has to be a dynamic approach other than catching drug abuse once it’s already happening.  

In the future, I hope to see these efforts continue in Revere but I would also like to see other communities take on the same tactics as well as coming up with innovative measures to prevent drug use, and providing support groups for users and loved ones of people struggling with drug addictions.