Our Parks and The Environment

As a resident of Revere and a candidate for State Senate, I am extremely passionate about the state of our local parks. The improvement and preservation of our parks is an important issue for our city and our district. In addition to the preservation of our parks, the preservation of the environment is also an important issue I plan to address in the State Senate. 

The parks in Massachusetts play a vital role in promoting active and healthy lifestyles. Massachusetts has over 100 state parks and forests along numerous local parks, all of which help to encourage a love for nature and the outdoors. Our parks provide many sporting programs for children and adults as well as educational opportunities for school groups. Green spaces have been found to be a crucial factor in children’s cognitive development, according to a study conducted in 2013. In Revere, I continually supported our local parks. I worked with local park officials to ensure that all sporting programs were able to successfully incorporate all genders. I also helped improve the accessibility of our parks through a greater diversity of events held at the parks and bilingual information about our parks. Our parks should serve the needs and desires of everyone who lives in Massachusetts.

Parks not only provide fun and accessible places for citizens to enjoy, they help create an ecosystem that can thrive within public space. As an environmentalist, parks are just one component of the environment of which I am passionate. I am very proud that my city, Revere has clean and energy efficient transportation and infrastructure, so much so that it is considered a green city. I look forward to continuing to promote ours parks and other environmental friendly policies in the future.








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