May 23, 2015
Contact: Dan Rizzo

So, what do you think of Revere?

By Cyrus Moulton / The Daily Item

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They wanted to create a model budget. But during the budget process a simple — but somewhat unrelated — question arose that the Mayor’s Office decided residents were most equipped to answer: Do you think Revere is a good place to live?

“We looked at different cities’ budgets, and what some cities include in their budgets is a survey, and they ask a survey every year,” said Mayoral Chief of Staff Miles Lang-Kennedy. “Mainly it was just trying to figure out what services the residents view as most important and in need of attention.”

The inaugural Revere Quality of Life survey opened last week and is available online via the city website and paper copies can be picked up at the Mayor’s Office. The survey includes 28 questions ranging from “How do you rate Revere as a place to live?” to “Do you support the Olympics coming to Boston in 2024,” and asks residents to rate municipal services from programs at the senior center to fire protection. Safety, cleanliness and government efficiency and responsiveness are also addressed.

The survey also tries to gauge the use of city amenities. For instance, the survey asks residents how often they visit Revere Beach and the central business district on Broadway ... as well as

Lang-Kennedy said the city and various civic groups have done resident surveys in the past. But none of the previous surveys addressed several quality-of-life issues; surveys concentrated on health and wellness, or the police department, or Broadway, for instance.

But Lang-Kennedy said the survey will be given every year with the same questions and will provide data with which the city can track resident opinion over time. Cities and towns usually keep the survey up for several months to allow residents plenty of opportunity to respond, he noted, and the city is hoping for several hundred residents to take part in the effort. Results will be published in the annual budget.

Mayor Dan Rizzo said the survey was an important way for the city to help address residents’ needs.

“Citizen surveys provide important feedback useful to city leaders and staff that will help us develop and modify programs and services that best align with the wants and needs of our growing community,” Rizzo said in a statement. “We encourage all of our residents to thoughtfully complete this survey to help the city meet your needs.”