Solutions for the Transportation Crisis

Transportation is such an important issue for the people of the First Suffolk and Middlesex District because it affects everyone’s daily lives. Most of us need the T to get to work, and we all experienced the delays and cancellations trying to get in or out of the city. The problems with the MBTA need to be addressed, and I think I can help get that accomplished.


Anyone who lives in the Greater Boston Area, or the entire Northeast for that matter, understands the effects that last winter had on people trying to get to work or school. It is essential that our colleagues and students can rely on our transportation system in order to make it where they need to be. This necessity stretches far beyond replacing the third rail on the subway and making sure that driving conditions are safe for all motorists. Obviously, safety is the number one priority. However, we need to utilize all of our resources in order to maximize the capabilities of our transportation system.

The MBTA must undergo extensive reform from management to operations to expansion. Spending must be controlled and there needs to be significant reviews both on managers and those they manage to improve workplace practices and tendencies. There must continue to be steady input about road conditions, safety protocol and overall transportation competence to ensure that our citizens are able to maintain the peace of mind that they deserve as constituents.

It is important to improve the transportation resources that we already have. However, it is equally important to benefit from new resources and transportation entities that present themselves such as services like Uber, Lyft and Bridj. As we see these services start to work with the state we must encourage the cooperativity while ensuring that everyday people are happy with the services and able to rely on any services that are offered to them. As an owner of an insurance company while I served as City Councilor and Mayor, I understand the importance of mutualistic relationships between government and private companies. The ultimate goal of both government and private industry is to make sure that consumers are satisfied. It only makes sense that both entities work together in accomplishing this common goal.